Successful Strategies                                                       Updated 17 Feb 2013

I would like you all to be successful this year, but I know that some of you, if you continue what you were doing in the previous 12 months, may find that hard.

Why is that? 

It is my firm belief that the over-riding reason for lack of success in this arena is that you may be using the wrong strategy.

About 17 years ago I gave up my day job as a Consultant Engineer, earning a decent salary, to spend more time with my family and to pursue one of my hobbies - making money on the internet!

Some would say that was not a wise move!  Maybe, but after a bit of a struggle at first, I would say that it was one of my better moves.  I work when I like, have much more free time and earn a similar amount of money most years, although as we all know, it can be quite a bumpy ride!  Last year was exceptionally good, but this year has been less so.

Over those 17 years, the main thing I have learned in the high yielding program arena is that you must have a clear winning strategy, and stick to it.

OK, so what strategy do I use? (Those of you who already have successful strategies can ignore this!)

My strategy has 3 simple aims:

1.  To arrive at an ideal balance of high yielding programs.

2.  To minimise my risk in each program.

3.  Once in profit, to maximise the profit in each program.

1.  An ideal balance of programs.

By this, I mean a spread of programs, so that the majority of my funds (50% to 60%) are in the lower risk category of programs with monthly returns generally in the 5% to 25% range but can range higher than that. These are programs that will hopefully run for a number of years and form my main income.  These are often private programs or become private programs and are underpinned with real investments, and just go on and on.  I aim for $1K to $10K profit a month.  These are my Category 1 programs.

I will also have 20% to 30% of my funds in the medium risk
category of programs with monthly returns in the 20% to 60% + range.  These programs are reasonably sustainable and will usually last many months and longer - plenty of time to get well into profit.  I aim for $1K to $5K profit a month.  These are my Category 2 programs.

Finally I will have 10% to 20% of my funds in the high risk
category of programs with monthly returns in the 50% plus range.  These are the programs that probably will not be around for too long, but are opportunities to make a quick killing.  Like most of the HYIP programs that abound, one has to be very selective and timing is crucial in these.  In such a volatile arena I have no definite profit aims, but I usually come out with some profit in each. These are my Category 3 programs. 

2.  Minmise the risk.

This is simple:

Firstly decide on the appropriate 'seed' money that you are going to fund the program.  I usually go for a moderate amount of say $100 or $500.   Sometimes, if it's at the start of a program and I am very confident of, and is paying out, I will put 'seed' money that is much more than that. But this is rare.

Secondly, because that seed money is completely at risk I recover the 'seed' money as fast as I can, by making withdrawals whenever I can.  This then removes any risk of losing money and can take a few days to a few months depending on the program yield and if I receive referral bonuses as a result of sharing.

I am now in a 'can't lose' situation.  By the way it's usually best to get into a program as early as you can, once you are sure that it should last a reasonable length of time.

3.  Maximise the profit.

This involves re-investing a % of any subsequent profit (usually 50% to 80%) and withdrawing the rest.  It's important to keep withdrawing a % of your profits at every opportunity as, in the worst case, it may be your last opportunity.

The key point here, and it's one a lot of people forget:  The money you see in the program's account balance is not yours, it's purely figures on a screen.  The only way to guarantee it's yours is to safely withdraw it into your own bank or e-currency account.  So many people keep compounding the figure on the screen, thinking it's their money - big mistake, especially if the program folds overnight!

Now, I can hear some of you saying, this strategy is OK for you as you have plenty of capital to spread around.  That's very true, but I gradually built mine over the years, honing my methods into a winning strategy - you can do the same.

I know many of you continue to lose money in this arena, and I really want you to stop doing that. 

Many aim straight for the high risk end of the market as they are in a hurry to get rich or just to get out of debt - they put all their available funds into the latest very high yield offering, compounding their earnings and then complain that they are wiped out again when it inevitably stalls or fails.  They then beg or borrow some more funds and repeat the exercise! 
This is pure gambling and usually ends in disaster.

The high risk area is best avoided, unless you have a good sense of timing and an iron-will, or you were born lucky!  This is why I place just 10% to 20% of my funds in this area, to be used only when a good timing situation arises - but I don't always get it right!

I make most of my income out of the long term reliable programs (Category 1 and some category 2). I usually have 2 or 3 of these that are producing most of my earnings.

But the key is, NEVER regard these programs as investments.  They are NOT investments.  They are INCOME GENERATORS for as long as they last.  Treat them as daily, weekly or monthly income generators that you withdraw out, and you will usually end up on the winning side! But key to this is to get into withdrawn profit fast - protect your seed money!

These programs generally produce profits in the 5% to 30% a month bracket, not spectacular, but a steady income that can build up into a very substantial income over the months and years. Some are private programs in my Members Area. There is only one snag with the private programs, is that you really need, at the very least, a few hundred dollars to get started in these and make a worthwhile profit each month. And some have minimums of at least $1000.

There are quite a few programs on the internet currently that fall into the medium term category (Cat 2).  Currently, I am thinking mainly of those I feature
on my New Programs page .  We are talking about programs that offer up to 60%+ a month in withdrawable profit

In addition to the above programs, there are several others to consider:

From time to time I feature one or two popular HYIPs on my HYIP page, But as I said above, unless you can utilize a strategy for quickly recovering your seed money, without gambling or greed getting the better of you, it is best to stay away completely from such programs.

The snag is that this is precisely the area that a lot of people are attracted to, because of the high yield, but the programs are usually set up deliberately to take the most money they can from the unwary!  As soon as the admins profits tail off, they disappear!

There are lots of matrix, cyclers and MLM programs out there, but unless you get in a very early position and/or you are a good recruiter these are often best avoided, unless there is a passive element in their plans.  

There are also some interesting private ventures in the Members Area, but you do need to fill in the member registration form to get into the members area.  And I shall be adding some more private programs during the next few months.