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August 2013     Active Circulation: 4426

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First of all, my apologies for the lack of newsletters recently, but I have been taking a bit of a break from things and making the most of some unusually good weather here in the UK!

As it’s turned out, the whole passive program arena has been completely chaotic this summer, with established programs hitting major problems and a rash of new programs lasting barely a few days.  Many programs have been hit by hackers and fraudsters, and have had to go off air to recover and improve their security. So it’s certainly a time for caution and patience.

I will attempt to summarize the situation on current programs but first of all I will mention a new program that I feel may be worth considering.

It’s called Seed Funding and has recently become available. It is NOT a ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ program, but it’s one that should be around for a long, long time.  It’s passive and pays out a reasonably conservative amount each month.  Many of my trusted contacts have joined it and I invite you to read what my upline says about it HERE and then go to https://www.seed-funding.org/?ref=orchard to join.

The current programs are as follows, but I need to update some of the reference material  on some of the programs:

BannersBroker has had problems with withdrawals, losing their debit card facility and only able to send a trickle of STP and Payza payments out.  They have also made a few changes recently in the traffic management area.  They are introducing a new payment processor soon, probably another card.  Meanwhile it's best to keep managing your account to maximise any future payouts.  Payouts are expected to be coming soon, but restricted to $1000 a month initially.  

The detailed step-by-step guide that’s available for those who wish to manage their own accounts has not been updated to V2.9 yet – let me know if you would like a copy of the old version.  

I joined BankonTraffic a little while ago, and this is going OK with my first panels maturing.  It offers a similar program to BannersBroker, but maybe a little easier to understand.  There's a step-by-step guide here.

AdWallet had been doing very well, but was attacked by hackers and fraudsters and is only just getting things together with a new more secure site.  Although it’s not complete, existing members need to log in and view 10 ads daily to continue earning. If you click on the ‘eye’ symbol near the top left in your back office, you get a summary of your account.  Program details are on my New Programs page. 

AdHitProfits is in a similar recovery state – it’s all working, with withdrawals being paid quickly, but the revenue share is currently very small, but hopefully will improve as more members return.

HourlyRevShare also hit big problems and stopped paying out,  Anyone who joined that and didn’t get into profit can claim a refund from Analie.  Log in and look at the latest news.  Meanwhile LifetimePaidHourly has not paid withdrawals for several weeks and talks about LifetimeX being launched shortly, which will take care of that, but it sounds like they are searching for new money, so treat with caution.

Jubirev has settled down into a reliable program that should last a long time as it's product based and compliant – details on my New programs page.  But you do have to purchase some product monthly to make it work and it’s probably aimed more for those that can recruit.

ClickPaid stopped paying out withdrawals a few weeks back and has been purchased by AdClickExpress which took over from ProfitClicking!  AdClickExpress is working OK and paying a reasonable % daily.  You can use a % of your old funds from ProfitClicking to purchase ad packs.

NeoMutual was performing like clockwork but in the last few days it has not been paying withdrawals or responding to queries.  It looks like it has gone to me.

Meanwhile, those of you in Privacy Group will be relieved to see that there is a new update, posted yesterday.