New programs

These are programs that are often free to join and show great promise for future earnings.

Some are in pre-launch, and when they launch there may be some form of funding required at that stage.

Here is the current selection:

                               Updated 25/02/14               Category 2

I joined MAPS (MyAdvertisingPays) in January 2014 and have been paid every 20 minutes, earning enough money to buy 3 or 4 new credit packs every day, as well as withdrawing, for just looking at 10 ads a day!

FIRST, take a look at this excellent video presentation by Steve Dawson at http://.5x5map.com/378

And here's the write up I got from my upline:

Mike Deese, a retired US Air Force veteran set up MAPS after being in the trenches with Zeek, ASD, Banners Broker, Ad Hit Profits, and many other advertising revenue sharing companies some of which continue to survive and some that are not.

What Mike has spent the last year doing is working with mathematicians to come up with a formula and algorithm that would ensure long term stability, attract a large segment of the advertiser market including corporate sponsors and advertisers.

Already he has corporations interested in advertising waiting in the wings for the membership to hit a certain threshold of 5000+ which will happen fast.

Mike understands the field, the math, has taken all the great stuff from Ad Hits and the rest, tossed the stuff that stalled them and put together a system that has great potential for daily profit revenue share lovers.

No time? (it takes only 5 minutes which you can do on your phone)

 1. Legitimate, compliant way to earn a steady and secure income while advertising your business

 2. Math based sustainable model expected to pay high daily percentages over the long haul with a good supply of internal and external corporate revenue sources

 3. Super easy to use, free to get started, and making money is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3 you


1. sign-up,  2 view ads,  3 get paid daily.

The system starts you out AT NO COST and fees later come out of profits not out of your pocket.

4. Solves most of the sustainability problems of previous revenue sharing models.

 5. Top Direct Sales US Attorney Kevin Thompson on board.

 Register Now (no cost) to Start Earning Profit Share and Commissions daily:

Go to MyAdvertisingPays and sign up now!

We have the perfect business model in a multi-billion Dollar a year online advertising product.

Just Look at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. (all worth Billions)

However, as I see it, in order to earn profit share you have to purchase at least ONE credit pack, and it pays to purchase as many of these as you can afford, and keep purchasing from your earnings.  They cost $49.99 each.

Steve Dawson shows you exactly how to make MAPS work the best for you at http://.5x5map.com/378

That’s all you have to do, as well as withdrawing every now and again to get into profit.   

Flipping4Profit                                Updated 23/02/14               Category 1

Flipping4Profit is a great way to earn money completely passively, plus you can earn extra funds by sharing the program with others.

Flipping4Profit is a Fully Managed Real Estate program, where our Members are able to Share in the Profits from the lucrative Real Estate Market.

Members can choose to deposit funds into their online wallet system through their Member's area. Members have the ability to start Sharing in the Profits with as little $100.00

Every day, Banks and Mortgagee Companies list 100's of properties for auction. These properties can be purchased for cents in the dollar.

When these properties are listed for auction, one of the F4P Consultants will personally inspect the property to ensure it meets the requirements and can be resold for a profit.


Once a property has passed THE F4P criteria they place a bid or make an offer. Once this offer has been accepted, F4P start the process of allocating Member's funds to the property.

To ensure F4P maximize Member's profits, F4P never allocate 100% of their funds to one property. F4P always ensure Member's funds are spread across as many properties as possible.

When Member's funds have been allocated to a property, they receive an instant notification via email informing them of the purchase.

To ensure Members are well informed of the progress of each property purchased, F4P inform them by email when the status has changed or a new update has been issued.

When a property has been sold and settlement has taken place, Member's funds and profit is returned to them. The profit is calculated on the amount of funds the Member has in the property.

F4P Members have full control over their funds, via their Member's area. F4P provide different option settings, so they can decide what we do with their funds, as each property is sold.

Here are the full details for creating profit from Real Estate!