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Here are some tips for those who would like to do their own marketing for programs like Karatbars.  These have been supplied by my Karatbars upline, Suzanna, and she will be updating this from time to time.

I am writing this mostly for my KaratBars team, but am sending to the general list as it may interest some of you as well.

About 5 years ago I had a site to show the basic how-to's of marketing but I let the domain expire... I am now rebuilding it and am working on updating the information. I will send the link as soon as I have finished... but below is a preview.

Before I get to the preview, here is what I can say I have learned from looking at multiple how-to sites this past week.

1. You need a website/business to promote.
2. You need a Lead Capture Page to promote it and acquire leads.
3. You need an autoresponder in order to communicate with those leads.

Those are the basics.

If you are on our KaratBars team, all of these have been provided for you free of charge (paid by my sponsor with some various other tools being offered by my upline.)

The next thing you need is the challenging part: WHAT TO DO WITH THE TOOLS: WHERE to advertise and HOW to get your tools "out there" so they can work for you.

What I have found so far is what I already knew (the more things change, the more they stay the same).  I will share all that with you on my marketing site.

But I also learned that there is a HUGE GIGANTIC market to provide this information and about a zillion "opps" that are supposed to help you with this part....all that require payment and that usually provide very little in actual tools or real results.

So we need to make sure we only invest in the providers that produce real results and that, my friends, is the HARD PART.

The contents of my site will provide info on Free Advertising, Paid Advertising and Social Advertising (which had only started existing at the time I originally created my site...).

I will work on the information and get you the url as quickly as I can, end of next week at the latest.

In the meantime, here is a preview. This is the introduction of the site and it remains current. All I changed was the "10 years ago" to "15 years ago" and added a small note.

Thank you and have a great week!


"The Money Is In The List"

As an internet marketer and business person, the question I get asked the most often is: "Now that I have signed up for this program, HOW DO I ADVERTISE AND  MARKET IT?".  And this is the question I actually have the hardest time answering.

The reason I have a hard time answering it is because I advertise almost exclusively to my "warm list" which is a newsletter called Interested People.

I started building this list, ironically enough, when I first started working on line as an adplacer about 15 years ago. I placed ads for a now defunct company that paid me to advertise for their clients. I also recruited other ad placers for the company. I excelled at this and placed ads all over the internet without a problem and got excellent results. The first people on my warm list were the other ad placers I had recruited.

I also joined several group discussion lists, not only to advertise but to discuss places to advertise, etc. I participated actively on these discussion lists and became a respected member and added many more people to my warm list this way. I created relationships, not with the intention of building a contact list, but with the true desire to help others and learn from others as well.

After a few years, I had a relatively large and very responsive warm list that I sent messages to every time I found a business opportunity I thought they'd be interested in. I admit that I got quite spoiled because of the responsiveness of my list members and eventually advertised to them exclusively. Over time, the discussion groups dissolved and I never found new ones and I didn't bother advertising all over the internet anymore since my main resource, my warm list, was so responsive.

When you see this saying "The Money Is In The List"... I can confirm that it is true. I have a relatively small list right now, and I am not making millions, but I have known most of the people on the list for years now and I consider them friends/family. I know what they like to participate in and I don't abuse them by posting everything-but-the-kitchen-sink every day. I offer them the exact type of programs that I know they like to join and I also keep them updated on ongoing projects and programs we are participating in.

How to start building a warm list of your own:

So how do you build a warm list of your own? Start with your sponsors in all the programs you've ever been in, successful or not. Add in any downline you've ever had, or leads you've ever gotten for any program you've been in.

You will need to ask their permission first (Example: May I add you to my mailing list if I find a good bizopp?) and always let them know how to ask you nicely to stop sending them messages (For example, at the bottom of your emails have this: You are in my addressbook from exchanging emails or joining a program with me. To be removed from my address book, hit reply and put REMOVE FROM LIST in subject line). Without these two important points, you may be accused of spamming (and I will get into Spam and DOs and DON'Ts later on).

Then visit the forums and chatrooms that have been set up for the programs you are in or that cover topics that you are interested in (business and non-business). Participate. Voice your opinion on things, help people when you can, develop relationships and make friends and contacts. Always have your website, blog or a program url in your signature line!

If you are serious about it, get yourself an autoresponder and a website (like the one I have for example: InterestedPeople.com) and add that to your forum signature so people can check it out. And if you are helpful, positive and informative, they WILL check it out to find out more about you.

If you go to my website, you will see I have a form to join my mailing list. I use a pro autoresponder service and simply send out a broadcast message when I need to let everyone know about something new or an update about something current. Before I used an autoresponder, I used a Yahoo group. You can also set up a blog, which is free and easy and very popular.

Make sure you have a place where people can go to find out more about you and sign up to learn more if they want to. Make sure that this url is in your sig line on forums and even in your emails.

Also, join discussion groups (Groups.Google.com, Groups.Yahoo.com, etc ). Participate. Be helpful, be caring, be bold in your opinions. Be sincere and be honest. Get to know everyone, let them get to know you. 

Note: These days it would be chatrooms, forums and facebook... I don't even know if discussion groups still exist!)

All this is how to get a warm list started and to keep it growing. If you take the time to do this you will be amazed... you will create and establish relationships (business and personal) that will last a lifetime.

And remember, a warm list can start with just one or two names on it! One name at a time, that is all it takes to get started!

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