In this section we often list sites that we have  found very useful in our marketing activities.

This will be mainly of interest to those of you who wish to share progams with others and earn referral commissions.

By receiving refferral bonuses, you can effectively reduce the time you are at risk in a program.

Most marketers rely heavily on creating their own list of contacts, known as a warm list.  These are generally far more responsive than any list that you might buy in.

Here is the current selection of sites, newest first:

WebsiteWizard                     Updated 13/02/14                      

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By the way, you can also sell WesiteWizard yourself by becoming an afilliate - it costs nothing to become an affiliate - just click on 'Affiliates' at the bottom of the above website.

Some programs have facilities where you can advertise on their sites effectively for free, if you are already funding their program.  You can usually advertise your program's URL or simple text ads and banners.