Karatbars Additional Marketing Facilities

Here's an update from my immediate upline, Suzanna on alternative ways of bringing in people under you in KaratBars:

Hello KaratBars Team,

I have a couple of updates for you.

Reminder of terminology so we are all on the same page.

When I refer to our GROUP, I mean MY downline.
When I refer to our TEAM, I mean my sponsor's (Tyron) downline of which we are a part.
When I refer to our UPLINE (Lourens and Alby) , I mean my sponsor's sponsor whose downline/group/team we are also in.


From our TEAM sponsor: The team rotator is still working 24/7, although results have been variable simply because there are so many urls in it.

He will be announcing soon that those that paid for the first month will stay in the rotator for THREE months unless they get their two upgraded members before then.

So if you have been worried about paying for next month, don't. He will continue marketing for you and will be trying a few new things as well.


From our Upline: news on a new marketing system he is working on now. I will just paste the news (condensed) from the chatroom:

[09/30/2013 08:47:13 AM] Lourens - Admin: Good MORNING...! Finally back in the land of the living... or the healthy....
 Trust all of you are doing well... I see the team is growing and growing and growing...
 Many members have had a GREAT week last week... and this week looks to be the same

[09/30/2013 09:25:35 AM] chris h: Can some one tell me where we are up to with the new funnel.

We are currently changing things...
We will have TWO funnels
The current one + the new one...

Both will work in a way where ONLY TEAM members can use them...
Both will have your coded links in them... and signup/registration buttons... (with your Karatbars ID etc...)

There will be a coded step by step PDF and lot's of goodies...

The only way to market this business and team will be by using these two funnels - UNLESS you build your own stuff and create your own content.

Everything is automated as MUCH as possible... as we want things to "duplicate" as easy as possible

There is going to be a ONCE-OFF cost for all current members as well as new team members to be able to use these funnels.

Lots of work is going in to this... (weeks of work)
It's going to be $19. that's it and there are no fee's again... all updates and any new stuff we do is included.

So basically a whole business system to easily build the Karatbars business with for a low fee. And having the benefit to get one's team to tap into it...

So What's happening at THIS MOMENT?
Well the current funnel is nearly ready to be released in THIS NEW system. This will happen by Friday.

The NEW EXTRA funnel will be added as we complete things... (and everyone get's access to this without it costing anything extra)

The training content etc will also now be behind a PASSWORD PROTECTED area where team members of this funnel will be able to access it.

This way we protect the funnel and it's content we created for your benefit so that other teams do not utilize it... as well as the training content we have and are going to create in the future...

This is all providing EXCLUSIVITY! (cause people ask themselves: "Why should I join this team?" -- remember that)

For our group (from me):

Our NeoBux rotator is still producing leads, and upgrades! It is paid for until mid-October and I want to extend it at least another two weeks or even permanently depending on contributions (it is expensive but worth it).

I also want to try some other marketing methods, but they are costly as well... so if you want to be in the rotator and have me market for you as well, please let me know how much you want to contribute and by what means (STP, Paypal, Payza) and I will send instructions. I can weight the urls in the rotator so that those who can contribute more, get more views. This way any budget you have is ok, small or big.

I also want us to learn how to market. Even I don't really know how to anymore since I have been terribly spoiled by my warm list that I have built all these years. So I want to give you some resources here that I am looking at myself (for myself and for our group rotator) and will send those to you as soon as I find some decent up to date ones.

The first thing I can tell you that works though is using your own "voice" and style to "talk to people" about the program. I gave an example in this post:

Many have gotten back to me thanking me for it because they are using it as a model for contacting their leads one to one rather than just letting the team autoresponder send the info (which is ok too!!).

The other thing to keep in mind is that it takes time and is mostly a numbers game.... but I will be collecting info this week that I will share with you asap.

We have the tools already, we just need to learn how to use them!

Until next post, THANK YOU and have a great week!

An update 4th Oct 13:

Hello Happy KB Members (future and current)!

I got this from the chatroom and wanted to keep you updated since so many are waiting for news on this. The first bit of the info can be seen in this post, and then below is the updated info that we have so far.


Since I know I will get emails about this: a "funnel" is our marketing system (the lead capture page, the messages that go out to them from the auto responder and it "funnels" into conversions (new members who upgrade)).

We do have our TEAM system (paid for by Tyron) in place and that is what most of us are using. Lourens' system will be an additional one (and it is totally optional, but recommended) and will cost $19 once to get a system set up.

I personally will be using it in addition to the ezsteps sites as well as my own system... yes, I will be using THREE different systems because marketing is a lot about luck and what appeals to one person, doesn't the other and so on. So I want as many tools in my belt as I can get!

Lourens: Guys there will be a Video Released tomorrow discussing the upcoming funnel STRUCTURE change as well as the new extra funnel and training etc...

Please pay attention and look out for that as everyone who are current members will have 1 week to get themselves ready for this change which will happen next week Friday...

I wanted to release the new structure tomorrow but that would mess up a lot of things for people who are currently driving traffic to the current funnel and it's links... So in short.. there is a bit of "work" coming your way... but it's all good and will help our team be more exclusive as there are already LOTS of other people from other teams using our teams content etc...

We are on "the map" in this company as a team... and our focus is to DOMINATE this business... LOTS and LOTS of things will happen once we are back from the event later this month

The video tomorrow will make things clear everyone is going to have THEIR OWN coded pages... yeah....! much cooler than it is currently... and everyone will have TWO sales funnels to utilize... and LOTS more coming

Good.. but let me be clear here... major move now is to move the CURRENT funnel from the way it works now over to a NEW PROGRAMMED INFRASTRUCTURE where only TEAM members will be able to use the funnel and it's pages etc... The goal is to make things exclusive... The "extra new" funnel and it's pages will only be phased in once we have this step out of the way and then as we finish up on the pages they will be added.

The current funnel is working... the team is growing every day... and the team is way over 2000 in under 90 days (in a high-end business)
so this is working... don't "sit and wait"
build your business...

Conversions in any "home based" businesses come from YOU.... NOT a funnel... not some traffic "trick"... it comes from you BEING PERSONAL in your dealings in YOUR business...

NOTE INTERRUPTION FROM SUZANNA: This is what I gave an example of in this post: http://www.getresponse.com/archive/12weeks2prosperity/KaratBars-Group-Update-12346175.html

It has always and still does amaze me how people can think that they can just copy and paste and make money... they do that and then wonder WHY they don't make money...

We are also gonna start doing HANGOUTS.... this will give the whole team the opportunity to "tap into" the knowledge and know-how of the already successful members...
this is POWERFUL...there just has not been time for that yet...

There are no excuses but the one's we MAKE UP for failure and lack of success...

I will keep you informed as the information is released!

Thanks and have a GOLDEN day!