Karatbar Commission Explained

Karatbars is an ecommerce company with an affiliate program.  In MLM, you are required to purchase products.  Karatbars does not require you to do this. It is our team strategy to do so.  There are no fees to join and they do not charge you website fees. 

This is NOT a binary.  It is a dual system.  Two completely different animals! 

In a binary, at the end of the month you are paid on your weakest leg and the company keeps the profit from your power leg.  Then you start all over the next month. 

In a dual system, you are paid on both legs.  Once one leg accumulates 50 units and the other leg accumalates 25 units, you cycle.  Depending on what package you bought determines how much you earn.  Bronze is 10 euro, Silver is 40 euro, Gold is 60 euro and VIP is 80 euro. 

Here is the beauty of it.  At the end of the week (as we are paid weekly on the dual system), the units stay there until you accumulate enough units on your other leg to cycle and it pays you to infinity.  So if someone 100 levels down from you purchases a package, you will still receive the units on that leg. 

You can only earn in the dual system if you buy a package.  It is not a company requirement to buy one gram a week but that is how our team strategy works.  You are just taking your worthless fiat paper money and turning into a real currency, GOLD!


I also want to say something about the 12 week plan because getting to a $4000 per week income in just 12 weeks seems impossible, right?

The 12 week plan is a MODEL based on 2 people bringing in 2 people within a week who in turn bring in 2 people in a week and so on.


In "real life" things don't happen in an ideal, model fashion. But as long as everyone is making an effort, it will grow and as it grows, your income will grow. So the 12 weeks is a model of a perfect build. It won't happen that way, we all know it.

But don't let that stop you from joining and getting started. I will tell you why: IT IS GROWING DAILY and from everyone's efforts and people are making money even though they haven't brought in their two yet. HOW? Spillover and spill under.

Let me give you an example: One woman joined and upgraded about a week after I started recommending this. She has brought in one person, who hasn't yet upgraded.

She is not on my first level, she is not even on my third level. I think she is at least 10 levels down. Yet she has 35 people on one side and 7 on the other. When these people below her upgrade and/or buy gold, she gets units (all the way up to infinity you get units on purchases made below you). She has cycled at least 2-3 times so far and each time she has, she was paid 80 euros (about $100).

Currently, she has 325 units on her right side and 13 on her left. Those will never expire or get flushed. They stay there until she cycles. As soon as someone on her left side either upgrades and/or buys gold, she will get more units. She needs just 12 more and she will cycle and get paid again. Then 50 units will be deducted from the right side and 25 from the left.

As soon as she made 35 euros in commissions, a debit card was created and sent to her (free) by the company. Now every single Friday, the company will pay her directly to her debit card. It is automatic.

Her downline will grow because she and everyone else above and below her are working to do their part, bring in two people who bring in two people and buying their gram of gold every week.

Will that happen evenly and in a certain amount of time. NO. But will she continue cycling and earning as it grows? YES.

I have other people that joined but never upgraded and they have a HUGE leg under them who are upgrading, and they are NOT collecting all those units because they haven't upgraded yet. This is such a shame because even if they won't cycle right away until their other side grows, those units never go away and will always be there to help them cycle in the future.

Even if they upgrade to the lowest level, they will start collecting those units. Let's say they join at Bronze and start amassing units on one side. Then they join the team rotator (which allows them to build without working at it) and their other side starts growing.... as soon as they are close to cycling, they can upgrade to a higher package and their first cycle will be even larger... so less risk while building, only to upgrade right before the cycling starts to maximize the payout!

It is only 99 euros to upgrade to bronze. We've risked a lot more for a lot less in the past, right? And there is no risk here. This is a completely legit European business. It isn't going to get shut down and the comp plan won't suddenly change and wipe us out.

So I am asking you to join, upgrade, get into the team rotator and see what happens. Even if it took 12 MONTHS to get to the income goal, wouldn't that be worth it? It isn't 99 euros per month, it is a ONE TIME product purchase. And if you can't afford to buy one gram of gold per week, buy one per month. Eventually that will start paying for itself and the rest is a momentum ride to a fabulous weekly income.

This is DO-ABLE and it is AFFORDABLE for everyone.

And our team resources are the envy of the company!! Now that I am in the skype room, everyone keeps telling me they regret not joining with me because their upline isn't helping them... they are stuck on their own trying to build by themselves. OUR TEAM WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU STRANDED. My sponsor is just AWESOME about giving you every single tool you need to make this a success. Your success is his success is our success.

So if you have been on the fence, haven't even considered it because you are afraid to try another mlm, or are afraid you won't earn because you can't recruit.... please read everything I wrote above again.

I repeat: This is DO-ABLE and it is AFFORDABLE for everyone.

We have a team strategy, yes. But it isn't written in stone. It simply is following the model 12 weeks plan. But life isn't perfect and that model will rarely be duplicated in a perfect fashion. BUT it doesn't have to follow the model to be a success.

So please, get in and upgraded. Let it grow around you. Use the team's marketing tools, easy steps to follow and you will be on the road.... a road paved in GOLD. (ok, that was corny, but I couldn't resist! LOL)

Please, sign up here and use this step by step sign up page to help you thru the registration and upgrade process.



Please, allow me to help you succeed.

You have no idea how GREAT it feels to have finally found a company I can call HOME. Join me!