High Yield Programs

These are programs that generally allow you to earn monthly yields ranging from a few % to over 100%.  They are geared to passive participation, but most offer referral commissions as well for active paticipants.

There are literally thousands of high yield programs advertised openly on the internet, but some are private.  It is probable that around 99% or more of the advertised programs are Ponzi based, relying on new money coming in to pay the existing members their yield.  There are a few that we believe are non-Ponzi, but you can never be 100% sure about this.  Ponzi-based programs often claim they have underlying income sources, but these are usually non-existent or not big enough to support much growth.

Some of the private programs are featured in the Members Area and one or two high yielding programs may be found under Established Programs.

Below you will find a selection of the openly advertised high yield programs that are doing very well and are well supported.  Although they all claim underlying sources of income, there is no real proof and it is safest to assume that they are all Ponzi in nature, which means they can fold at any time.  In general any program that offers more than 30% yield a month is almost certainly ponzi or partially ponzi.

                                Updated 28/04/16             Category 3

This is a program that has been running for nearly 3 months and has an excellent record so far.

The best thing about it is that it's completely passive income!

Of course, there is commission if you wish to recruit, but the majority of people join to receive the guaranteed 7% each and every business day.  This means you can recover your seed money in just 14 to 15 business days!

I put $1000 seed money in recently and receive $70 each business day.  I will keep withdrawing until I am in profit and then re-invest 80% of my earnings and withdraw 20% .  This will give me increasing earnings, with nil risk!  The minimum amount you can start with is $25.

There are numerous payment processors to load your account, including Visa, bank wire, Payza, STP, Bitcoin, Payeer, and Perfect Money. You can withdraw your income at any time to the payment processor you used to fund your account. 

Fund your account and then sit back and start earning every business day!

Here is my referral link and please enter my username (orchard) if requested during sign-up.