Established Programs

These are generally programs that offer high yields compared with conventional investments and are well established as reliable paying programs. 

Yields range from a few % to over 50% per month.

In general, the higher the % yield, the higher the risk.

There are literally hundreds of high yielding programs being offered on the internet today. 

The problem is that over 95% are either scams or short-lived ponzi set-ups that are more likely to take your money, than provide you with the financial independence that you are seeking.

We have selected only those that have a good history of payment and are highly regarded within the industry.  Generally we are looking for a genuine underlying investment source, as far as we can ascertain.

There are also some excellent high yielding programs that are more private in nature and these are featured in our Members AreaTo gain access to the members area, you must first sign up at Member Registration.

One or two have gone completely private, but from time to time they open their doors to new members.  When this happens we will update you in the blog.

Listed below are our best well established high yielding programs. 

KaratBar Team Build
                                Updated 20/02/14             Category 1

It is becoming increasingly clear that the US dollar will collapse sooner or later, and the best alternative is considered to be gold and silver, so it’s very prudent to build up our personal stocks of these precious metals.  KaratBar is probably the easiest way to build up your gold reserves effectively for FREE!

I joined Karatbar a few months ago and have already received over 4000 euro as well as 17 one-gram gold bars!  The growth is phenomenal! I now have nearly 100 in my downline with 60 personals. If you are not involved yet, now is the time to jump on board. 

Our team has access to a professional advertising pool and other sources that will find the people you need under you – so for those who have difficulty in recruiting it’s problem solved!

The 3 step solution is now virtually a PASSIVE opportunity!

Here’s the detail from my upline:

In KaratBars, we have an ideal business opportunity. Everything about the comp plan is perfect; the product is GOLD, income is created quickly and paid weekly. 

We are on a top team with a marketing system that works GREAT, a team filled with motivated people that are creating momentum for constant growth.

We have a team strategy that consists of 3 easy steps that will create a life-changing income in just 12 weeks. And in just 4-6 weeks, the revenue should start paying for all the costs, including earning free gold every week.

There was one little "catch" in the three steps as the third step was to bring in two people (using the marketing system and tools provided). That one catch has now been caught (so to speak) and instead of everyone needing to bring in two, we will have a professional advertising pool that will bring in at least two upgraded members under you and then you are on the road to your life-changing income.

The advertising pool now costs $30 for the first 3 months and includes advertising resources and methods that wouldn't be available to just "regular people". Because of the size of the pool, our upline (who really knows how to market) will be able to purchase advertising systems that normally only large corporations could afford. So the advertising will be professionally done with professional resources and methods and will produce professional results.  In addition my direct upline has access to other recruiting facilities which will augment the team pool.

Our team provides everyone with a landing page similar to mine: http://ezstepstowealth.com/peterben This does all the recruiting automatically for me!

Then when you are ready to join, there are just 3 Easy Steps to Wealth with KaratBars:

1.     Join KaratBars here: https://www.karatbars.com/?s=peterben

2.    Buy a Product Package (upgrade) and buy 1 gram of gold per week. Step by step is here: http://www.ezstepstowealth.net/signupinstructions.html

3.     Contribute $30 to the advertising pool until you get two UPGRADED members. (This will probably not take more than one month!)  Note from time to time the pool may reach capacity, but my upline has organised an equally good rotator for our use.

That's it. Ideally, in 12 weeks your income will grow to at least $4500 per week and will continue growing beyond that as well!

Tyron will be updating us on the progress of team advertising through the blog on the member site. This is a password protected site and if you are in KB, you should have that password. If not, please contact me directly!

The blog is open for all however.

Tyron will update it every 24-48 hours.

Here are some important updates from my direct sponsor, Suzanna:

Compensation explained

Additional marketing facility

Marketing tips